The UK restaurant industry appreciates that we’ve worked very closely with hundreds of award winning chefs. It’s where we started 10 years ago.

Relative to other departments in a hotel, working with a talented head chef is much less prescriptive, as what a chef cooks is essentially an extension of his/her personality. Getting to know the chef therefore is key to understanding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and  a vision for commercial growth and achievement. We know how to talk chefs-speak and get the best out of your kitchen operation.

Key areas we focus on.

1. The one definitive 15 word sentence that begins the consultation, a sentence so profound that it drives the whole process. Our clients know what this sentence is as it seperates the ordinary from the exceptional.

2. Our culinary consultancy breaks down into a base of 15 key components that explore the finest detail of a chefs ethos and the effective commercial management of the kitchen.

3. Our Taste Academy for the wider F&B team explores the expectations of knowledge, skill and service to support an award winning kitchens ambitions.

4. Are you a culinary destination? Don’t cook for awards, but if what you do deliver achieves awards then so be it Blair Supply Corp. We’ve been benchmarking culinary standards for decades and can give you a steer on how your cooking can leverage effective marketing traction.